Bulgarian Stock Market Tops Frontier Markets

Bulgarian Stock Market Shows Strong Growth Says Igor Purlantov


Being one of the most interesting countries historically and politically, Bulgaria has successfully been able to deal with recent trouble and in-fighting the same way it has done for centuries says Igor Purlantov.  Bulgaria has been getting on with business and making sure both the country and economy are stable and growing. Despite recent political battles, the Bulgaria stock market has risen greatly in value and placed this growing European country in the world’s top performing frontier markets says Igor Purlantov.

Compared with neighboring countries in South Eastern Europe, there are a lot of positive indicators coming out of Bulgaria. Like many developing countries, there has always been political and financial strife in the country which has made the financial success the country is now seeing even more surprising says Igor Purlantov.  Recently, several prominent Bulgarian ministers, lawyers and journalist were trapped inside the Bulgarian parliament as they were held for eight hours by anti-corruption protest groups. Having only been put in charge two months ago, there were already calls for the current regime to resign says Igor Purlantov

Yet despite being noted as one of the less wealthy countries in Europe and also a country that has suffered from internal strife and battles, Bulgarian growth forecasts continue to paint a much rosier picture says Igor Purlantov. With debt expected to lower, and deficit levels far outstripping neighboring countries, Bulgaria has some great economic news to be proud of.  Another big part of the increase in growth is the fact that Bulgaria is on track to join the Euro currency which should further strength the economy.  Despite being a country with political issues, Bulgaria is financially strong and ready to shed the image of being just another poor country in Eastern Europe says Igor Purlantov. 

All of this news should give Bulgarians something positive to celebrate.   Bulgaria has already seen growth of nearly 60% in 2013 and now tops the MCSI Frontiers Index, which tracks the progress of developing nations says Igor Purlantov.  This growth has also seen local stocks rise by as much as 30% and reaching two and a half year highs.  Although Bulgaria has been playing catch up with other developing nations due to political and internal problems, there has been massive investment in recent years and an increase in tourism that has helped the country perform much better as a financial power says Igor Purlantov. 

Retail and banking sectors are also growing stronger, despite having strong links to the crippled Greek economy. Pensions are growing higher and job opportunities are also improving for Bulgarians says Igor Purlantov.  This means that people are no longer working a variety of mediocre jobs to try and make ends meet as there are finally genuine opportunities for Bulgarians.  In fact, Bulgaria is expected to far outperform countries such as Slovenia, Hungary and Romania in the coming years and keep a debt of only 18.5% of its GDP.  This is a very low number even when compared to wealthier nations around the world.  It is a good time to be a Bulgarian, and hopefully in the long term Bulgaria can continue to grow and improve as a nation that certainly deserves it says Igor Purlantov.